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Laurie Cohen

Born in Jerusalem, raised in London and spending most of his time since a teenager traveling around the globe, you could say that living in Barcelona for the last 10 years has been the longest time that you could find Laurie in one spot!
Combining his extensive travels with his photography background, Laurie has been offering photography tours for over 20 years. He enjoys nothing more than using his experience to aid photo enthusiasts in the technical and creative skills needed to turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary one - all the while guiding his students to Barcelona's most photogenic locations.
His first foray in photography started when he was just 13. He documented his adventures when he sailed with his brother, father, and Ruby the family dog, from England to Israel on a 3.5 month sailing trip on their yacht. With a deep connection to the sea, and still a teenager, he set about his first freelance business in Southeast Asia where he offered underwater photographic tours to divers using the Nikonos underwater camera system. Since then, he has been a photo tour guide in some of the most exotic locations found anywhere on the globe.
As well as using professional DSLR's and lenses, Laurie considers himself a purist and still uses his film cameras on occasion. He tries to convey on his tours that it is not the equipment that makes a great image, but what the photographer is trying to achieve before they even take the lens cap off the camera. A difficult thing to achieve, with so many photographic opportunities in this amazing city.

13.09. - 18.09.20
Provence & Cote D’Azur Photo Adventure
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