Luisa Diaz Chamorrow

Luisa Diaz Chamorro is a professional self taught painter, born in Málaga, Spain on May 20th, 1970. She lives and works in Rivoli, Italy. She paints from when she was small and at the age of 10 she drew the portraits of her family and friends. She approached the oil technique at the age of 15 when attending the school of Antonio Montiel, a famous Spanish painter. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Education.
At the age of 50 she decided to dedicate her life to art and teaching. She has been teaching arts from the last 5 years. She has studied watercolor in recent years with master painters from Italy, France, Spain and UK.
She masters the techniques of watercolor, softpastel and oil.
She offers painting holidays and courses in Italy mainly in Rivoli and Usseaux.
Usseaux is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, located in the Alps at 1400 m altitude, surrounded by a wonderful atmosphere to paint en plein air in front of the mountains and the lake.
Rivoli is a nice place beside Turin, from her studio located in the historical center is possible to walk to the castle and to most ancient locals and restaurants.

Instagram: @Ludchamorroart