Lyndon Hayes

Colourful, precise and detailed - this sums up Lyndon Hayes' work as an urban sketcher best. He has a keen eye for detail, perfect for his delicate work with acrylic pencils, which bring a very special experimental vibrancy to his work. Composition is key to Lyndon's subjects: once he's put pen to paper, he often focuses on a specific section of an architecture or space. He says: "I often imagine what a film director would do if he were to approach the blank page, what particular aspect he was documenting." Lyndon Hayes lives on the south east coast of the UK and has been a professional illustrator for over twenty years. Since 2016 he has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the rest of the world, documenting the rich architecture and people. He immerses himself deeply in the area and is equally fascinated by the locals in every situation. Chatting and engaging in a relaxed environment is key to his idea of ​​the perfect sketching experience. slider