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Michael Cohen

“The camera slows me down. It encourages observation. And when I’m lucky, I get to be in the right place at the right time to capture that sliver of a moment through the lens. For me, photography is the never-ending search for those slivers.”

Michael was born and raised in the Boston area and still lives there…some of the time. His camera has taken him to some of the most photogenic spots on the globe and he is as likely to be found in an airport lounge as his living room. Michael’s early photographic experience was through the lens of a Minolta SRT-101 where he learned photography as a journalist and a darkroom rat. That early work of capturing a moment influences his style today. His images have won numerous awards, are shown in galleries and hang in homes across the country.

About 5 years ago, Michael ran an ad in a non-profit journal offering to make photographs for non-profits wishing to tell their story through photographs. He now shoots for a number of non-profits around the country. If you know an organization in need, please contact Michael

Now he spend a lot of time traveling and making pictures, shuttling between Boston, Jackson Hole, WY the New England coastline, and wherever the next airplane takes him.

Michael is married with two children and one 2 year old grandson who loves trucks, especially green ones.