Nicole Mosch

Nicole Mosch was born in Lünen/Germany in 1972. In 1991 she started her apprenticeship as a photographer in Essen and completed in
1994. From 1996 onwards she worked as a photographer in London and Hamburg, before returning to her hometown, Dortmund, in 2000. Besides photography she started to specialize in FineArt Printing in 2003 and worked in the fineart department of a printing
company in Bochum till 2011.
Nicole also likes to share her passion for photography and art with other people, so she started to teach photography workshops in 2010. As a cultural art project and trough sponsorship of “Kultur & Schule NRW“ she taught several photography workshops at schools during the period of 2010-2012 as well. Shortly, after starting off with her own photography and fineart printing company in 2012, she and her studio moved to the Dutch metropolis Amsterdam, where she is working and living happily now.