Podi Lawrence

Podi is an international award winning artist who has spent most of her life making a living from her chosen form of creativity. After teacher training in Adult education she has enjoyed passing on her ideas and methods to many hundreds of students particularly in the 'holiday' environment. She has now visited and taught on Kalymnos many times.

Over her 30+ career in fine art her work has been selected by some of the top “Art Societies” in London, Toronto, Panama and France including the Paris Salon where she won a Bronze Medal in 1993. She is represented in London by the Luminaire Art Gallery in Pimlico.

Now Living in Portland, Dorset she works full time in her studio/gallery painting commissioned portraits, landscapes/seascapes and all things that inspire her. She believes that drawing and sketching teaches you to understand and opens to interpretation in other mediums or techniques. You are welcome to visit her in Portland before coming to Greece for some insight into her teaching skills.

For her courses she suggests that you bring sketchbook/pen/pencils and watercolour paints and/or coloured pencils & paper. A full list of kit will be sent when you have signed up.

Tue, 10.09. - Tue, 17.09.24
 Strictly Sketchbooking
Available Strictly Sketchbooking Kalymnos 1 350 GBP