Shelagh Ashley

Shelagh has over 20 years experience in tutoring painting holidays and
enjoys all types of subject matter, particularly architecture, for which she
has a preference for working in pen and wash. She is a great believer in
sketchbook work, and encourages her students to carry a sketchbook
with them whenever they can.

Her approachable style of teaching will enable you to get the most from
your paintings as she will assist you with plenty of one-to-one tuition.
Also, through a combination of demonstrations and tips & techniques she
will show you how to get the results you want whether a complete
beginner or a more accomplished artist.

Shelagh has loved painting and drawing ever since she could hold a brush and pencil. Although her ambition was to become a freelance artist, she was instead encouraged to pursue a career in banking. Her love of painting meant that she was constantly being asked to paint commissions for friends and work colleagues. Her particular love was for portraiture, and it was during a studio portrait session with her local art society that she realised that she could help fellow painters who were struggling to get a likeness. This inspired her to train to be an adult education tutor. As a result she spent nearly 30 years teaching watercolour classes and giving demonstrations to art groups. In 1998 she organised her first painting holiday for her students, taking a group to the Charente region in France, the first of many. She has since tutored holidays across the continent, as well as in Norfolk and the Cotswolds.