Simon Roberts

‘My passion for sketching and watercolour painting was rekindled on a solo
motorcycle trip I made overland from England to Kathmandu, Nepal. I kept an
illustrated journal throughout the 7 month trip which became the blue-print for my
Illustrated book ‘Tea with Bin Laden’s brother” – a cult classic in Adventure
Motorcycling circles!’
Simon has been working commercially in a wide range of styles both
conventionally and digitally for many decades and now enjoys painting
predominantly in watercolour. In his opinion, the perfect medium for capturing
landscapes, whether en plein air or simply adding a splash of colour to a sketch
in his travel journal.
He studied Technical Graphics in Birmingham, England before taking a job in a
graphics studio in Munich, Germany where he lived and worked for seven years.
After that he returned to Britain working as a freelance illustrator for advertising
agencies in Bristol and Bath. However, the call of Central Europe was strong,
and he moved back out, this time to Vienna, Austria where he lived for six years.
‘After one wet English summer too many’, Simon now lives in the south of France
where he runs painting holidays and workshops with his South African wife