Tiziana Mondini

Born in Rome in 1975, she studied art and was awarded the diploma of Master Mosaicist. After an apprenticeship and internships with artistic businesses in Ravenna, she began her own business in 2000, creating artistic mosaics to order. By working with artists and professionals, she learned to create works of contemporary art and design.

In 2002, she moved to Narni in Umbria: her total dedication to this genre of art led the artist to become a lecturer in mosaic art for private and official organisations in this charming mediaeval village.
The artistic technique she uses to create mosaics is based closely on tradition to guarantee top quality production. The texture of the tesserae in the mosaics she designs enables her to express herself in plastic form. Her works have been exhibited in various regional and national exhibitions and are beginning to reap recognition and awards.

In 2016, she created the association “In Tessere” and, as President, her objective was to enhance local artistic handcraft. The success of the events and exhibitions she has curated has led her to work closely with a group of artistic professionals to create a new association ArteM.

Her art studio has since become a multi-purpose centre of local art in the Italian artistic tradition.