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Acrylics, Sketchbooks and a Lot of Footage for Youtube

We had a colourful YOUTUBE & filming weekend in Frankfurt last week! New video-tutorials coming SOON! Staying at a great, bright studio near Frankfurt, we had the chance to work with three fantastic artists. Between sketchbooks, watercolor and acrylics we had a lovely time. Natasha Metaxa, who is usually based in summer on her lovely Greek island ‘Kefalonia’ and runs her Metaxart workshops there came directly from Athens to meet us. She was a lovely teacher when it comes to color and composition so be prepared the videos will be wonderful for beginners and those who want to learn more about how to handle a blank canvas. Then we filmed a nice urban sketching session with Danny Hawk. He belongs to the younger generation and loves to sketch! Originally born in Ohio and with a love for Germany, he now lives and works in Frankfurt. We went out to sketch with him to a nice old fortress and an old town because he is so in love with the different textures of the old buildings. We learnt so much about colours and lines and we’re so fascinated that we nearly forgot that it began to rain. Inspiration to the max! It was also fascinating to see how different two urban sketchers work. Even if they both are urban sketchers! Renata Lahalle, urban sketcher from Switzerland and for a long time living in Paris was flown in from Madrid and showed us vivid sketching techniques and gave us many insights to add lettering to a sketch. The experience these three artists shared with us was amazing! We collected a lot of footage with useful tips and tricks which we will soon share with you on our artistravel Youtube channel:

and in our artistravel workshops:

So if you are interested to learn more about painting and sketching stay tuned for our upcoming videos. Either, feel free to book courses with these amazing artist. All in all it was a great experience, it was a pleasure to get to know these awesome people and we had a very creative weekend.

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