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    Did you know that Beauty has actually been widely researched as a topic by many (!) scholars? It’s actually something not too abstract to grasp – and George Santayana, a philosopher who lived in the 19th century, was one of the firsts who defied the assumption that beauty is something God-given and divine, it is actually something that can be explained psychologically. He wrote a whole book on how people are sensing the beautiful and called it “The Sense of Beauty – Being the Outline of Aesthetic Theory”. That sounds quite dry admittedly, but let me try to sum it up for you in some easier words. This is the first part on summing up Santayana’s work that might let you understand the beautiful, the beauty you see, hear, feel –sense—around you.

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    We from artistravel international wish you a merry Christmas time!

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    Attention! Our tutor Ian Fennelly has published a book and if that’s not worth a blog post, I don’t know what is. You probably know Ian by now (or at least you have seen one of his works, for that I’m sure). It “inspires readers to tell the story of their sketching adventures, the people they meet and the places they explore when they grab their art materials and head outdoors. [...]"

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    This year has been a lot, let’s be real. It was challenging for pretty much all of us. We, the artistravel team, have been no exception. When you compare us and our work from the beginning of the year to now, you can see that a lot has changed – and yes, it was difficult for us (we are a holiday provider after all), but boy, did we grow from it!

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    Ian Fennelly is the first international world class tutor associated with artistravel and the first one who held a class with us in Germany!

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    In this detailed tip we explain how you can paint a realistic looking lakefront.

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    In this tip we explain why paying attention to daylight is important while painting outside.

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    We present you the best tips for drawing a realistic and three-dimensionally house.

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    In this tip, we show you how to paint a tree in an easy and simple way!

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    Artistravel mainly advertises and promotes art tours and holidays in Europe, as you know. Well… there are so many beautiful destinations outside of Europe, wouldn’t you agree? That’s where we introduce “Workshops in SA”! SA (South Africa) is without a doubt, a unique holiday experience. Imagine capturing your impressions in your own painting – unforgettably artsy!