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    Picturesque landscapes with flourishing sceneries, tranquil little towns with ancient flair next to big cities filled with historic and timeless atmospheres, the coastline along the most beautiful sceneries. Vitality. Culinary delights. Romance. “La Dolce Vita”, meaning to literally live “the sweet life”. All this and way more makes Italy one of the most beloved travel-destinations – and justifiably so. The ideal destination for every art lover!

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    Wouldn’t it sound spectacular to be awarded with the People’s Choice Award for “Best Artist of the Year”? Well. Happy to announce that this year’s winner of this category is nobody else but our lovely tutor [Jo Pickering](! This is, by the way, not her first and only award – but the latest.

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    The internet is full of challenges. Lots of people doing…well… lots of things that lead nowhere and seem to be brought into the virtual life as a result of attempting to cure boredom. But today we are talking about a challenge for artists, a challenge that speaks to everyone who likes to be creative with pen, pencil or brush – a challenge that will make you develop improve your creativity: Welcome to Inktober!

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    “The creations of an artist are a combination of knowledge and experience, a result of what you feel, what you learn and practise. The clarity of light in Kefalonia has influenced the way I perceive color. It is so wild and strong that stretches all colors to their limits. . ."

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    There is a saying that you can ask anyone who has travelled through Tuscany about their favourite town and their answer will most likely be: Siena. And for reasons! Siena is the definition of “romantic little town”, it is small, but lively, yet less crowded than big towns like Florence for instance. It remains with a charm that only Tuscany can offer and is difficult to put in words – but you will know the feeling and vibes once you have been there!

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    Looking for tips to improve your art? In this monthly installment, we've collected tips and tricks that we think you'll find helpful.

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    A well-executed portrait is expected to show the inner essence of the subject (from the artist's point of view) or a flattering representation, not just a literal likeness. As Aristotle stated, "The aim of Art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes true reality."

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    People who appreciate art but are not specially trained or skilled regarding analysing art, may wonder whether they have an “incorrect” interpretation of a piece of art. But can there really be such a thing as a “wrong opinion” on something?

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    Stay tuned for (maybe the greatest) insider tip of Greece: Pelion. Just think of a huge mountain dotted with picturesque little villages rimmed with vibrant mesmerising beaches and you have… Pelion! A little paradise that makes you feel as if you spend your time in another world. This is definitely a Greece you have not experienced yet.

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    On this holiday, everybody will thoroughly enjoy taking part in a small friendly group holiday in a fabulous setting, balancing painting with relaxation and lost but not least revelation. The unusual beauty of Le Pouldou with its special blue light, which even intensifies colours, attracted Gaugin to spend some of his most formative years painting here.